NP 328's

Northern Pacific 328

The Northern Pacific 328 has led a long, colorful life.  Completed in 1907 by American Locomotive Company's (ALCO) Rogers Works plant, it was sold to Northern Pacific for $14,500 along with nine other sister engines.  Eight of these engines were cut up for scrape during the depression, but 321 and 328 survived.  The 328 was assigned to run NP branch lines in east central Minnesota that required lighter engines.  The 328 was a frequent visitor to Taylors Falls until that line was abandoned in June of 1948.  In 1950, the 328 was retired and placed on display at Stillwater.  In 1976, the Minnesota Transportation Museum (MTM) leased the engine and started its restoration which was completed in 1981.  The 328 then saw regular service on MTM's Osceola & St. Croix Valley Railway until 2001.  It now resides at MTM's Jackson Street Roundhouse in St. Paul awaiting another restoration.