A favorite of visitors is old 353, a 0-6-0 steam locomotive that circles the nearly 1 mile track pulling cars filled with passengers to one of several stations around the show.


The largest manufacturer of steam locomotives was the American Locomotive Company (ALCO), building over 75,000 steam locomotives (Baldwin Locomotive Works was second with over 70,000 built).  ALCO's Brooks Division built the B-4 class 353 in 1920 and sold it to the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railroad (Soo Line - now Canadian Pacific Railway).  In 1955 it was sold to Koppers Co. coke plant of St. Paul where it gradually deteriorated in a very dirty working environment.  In 1965 it was donated to the Minnesota Transportation Museum.  It sat quietly alongside the Transfer Warehouse until December of 1971 when it was sold for $800 to the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Association (Rollag, MN).  It was then restored to full working condition where it now proudly circles the display grounds in late summer every year.


The engine weighs 151,000 pounds, runs on 180 pound steam, has 2 20" x 26" cylinders, 6 51" drivers and develops 31,200 pounds of tractive effort (about 1,000 HP).




        Rollag -  Western Minnesota Steam Thresher's Reunion