Jack's Old Farm Stationary Engines

John Deere old farm stationary engine and go cart, plus other old farm antique stationary engines

"The Waterloo Toy"

The "Story"

2HP Waterloo Boy "K"

    Almelund Shows
Go Cart Gearing

Domestic Side Shaft

    1918 Waterloo Boy
Other Links

International 6HP "M"

    Rollag, MN
World Trade Center

Milwaukee Road 261 

    Wisconsin VE4
MN State Fair Movie

Northern Pacific 328

     1929 John Deere D

Colorado Flight Movie

Santa Fe 4449 Movie

     Navy Days Movie


The William Crooks NEW


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This web site is a collection of Jack's old farm stationary engines plus my John Deere go cart.  I take these antique engines and John Deere go cart around to engine shows in center Minnesota including Almelund, Hastings, Nowthen, Le Seuer, Rollag, and the Minnesota State Fair!  My favorite engines are the Waterloo Boy and the Domestic Side Shaft, plus the go cart.  All engines are in excellent physical condition and running order.  Most engines were purchased from ads on the Internet from as far away as eastern Ohio, southern Michigan, and northern Illinois.  The Waterloo Boy and the International LA both require much work to restore, but the others were in good condition when purchased.

  I hope you enjoy my web site!